A Semi-Brief Life Story

Born and raised in the booming metropolis that is Kalama, WA.  Just kidding, but you probably have seen my high school (to my great dismay, it was used for the Twilight films).  After graduating high school, I journeyed to the far east side of the state to attend Washington State University in Pullman, WA.  I graduated in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Marketing, and shortly thereafter, returned to Kalama, WA to begin the search for an internship (in order to complete my second bachelor's degree, in Advertising).  As luck would have it, a family connection led me to begin an internship with Woobox, an early stage startup company whose workforce (at that point, September 2011) consisted of only the founder/CEO.  As it turned out, I was too late to count the internship for that semester, but planned on doing the work and then getting it all counted after the new year.

Again, life had different plans for me, and George (founder/CEO of Woobox) offered me a job at the end of my internship.  Given the job market at that point, and the exciting opportunities for learning while working at Woobox, I jumped on board and pushed my Advertising degree to the back burner (Spoiler Alert: BA in Advertising is still pending).

During my time at Woobox, I taught myself HTML, CSS, and some Javascript (mainly via jQuery).  This was not something I saw coming when I started my "marketing" internship with the company.  In fact, I had never even considered an interest in web development until George asked if I'd like to design and code some user emails during my first month in the internship.  The rest is pretty much history, as I dove headfirst into learning how to code, much of it was simply to assist users in customizing their apps and promotions (while I worked support), and eventually (after we'd hired enough new people to cover support), I got to put my skills to use in an actual front-end development role within the company.

After three very busy years at Woobox, I decided it was time to move on, and I ventured out into the world of freelancing in November 2014.  So, for the past year, I have focused on improving myself, while also helping some different people and organizations with their web presence, as well as some print design for weddings (I did not see that one coming).  

Anyhow, I've recently decided that I'm ready to jump back in the pond with a company that will present some challenges while benefitting from my knowledge of marketing, design, development, and more.  I love small team dynamics, and that is what I am used to, and I'd love to get in with another early stage startup, or a small agency where the people tend to have a fun sense of humor (sarcasm is a daily thing for me), some serious work ethic, and interesting, exciting projects to get our hands dirty with.

Short List of Things I Like:  Sarcasm. Dogs. Bourbon.  Beautiful and/or fun user experiences. Transparency within a company. Not necessarily in that order.

Short List of Things I Don't Like:  Bad user experiences.  People who say "GIF" with a soft "G."  Messy code.  There's more, but I don't want to seem too picky here...