Graphic Design

Throughout my time at Woobox, I found myself needing to create some graphics, whether it be for a demo with a client, presentations, one-sheets, social media icons, or support documentation, but I was never asked to do anything officially, at least until pretty late in the game.  If I recall correctly, I created a couple graphics at the request of the CEO for some ads, and apparently he was quite shocked with my design chops, as it were.  

After that, I was generally the one tasked (officially, this time) with creating any/all graphics when needed.  These requests were usually related to featured images in blog posts, Facebook advertisements, or nice images to be used by our sales people for promotions they showed in client demos, but also included creating app icons and general ads to be used across the web. 

In addition to creating images, I created templates for all the documents that our team may have needed (be it for sales, support, or otherwise).  This work was all done in Google Docs, as that was our chosen word processing system.

Sample Images from Woobox Graphic Work

This is just a preview of some icons I created to be used within the Woobox dashboard; specifically for selecting how you want to allow people to enter into a contest or promotion.  See below for an example of how they're being used.

Here you can see how the above icons are being used within the actual Woobox dashboard.

Featured image used with blog post announcing the launch of our new app (also used for Facebook ads)

Example of another Facebook Ad Image (sorry for the bad quality)

Honestly, I can't remember what I created this one for... Maybe for an ad or cover image, or maybe just for fun.