Web & Print Ad Design for Port Commissioner Re-Election Campaign

For the past ten years, there hasn't been much (or any, really) competition for the position of Kalama Port Commissioner, at least not in the seat that Randy Sweet has held during this time.  However, this year, another local man decided to throw his hat into the ring, and run against Randy in the 2015 election.  Both men utilized the usual routes of small-town election campaigns, including posting signs all around town, and the good ol' word of mouth.  However, Randy decided to take it to the next level, just to ensure his spot was safe.  

In order to do this, I created a simple website that included his resume and links to articles about his accomplishments during his time with the Port.  Additionally, I created a Facebook Page, to which I posted links to articles relating to the election and to his website.  Putting the final nail in the competition's coffin, I created several print advertisements to run in The Daily News (local newspaper), as well as an online ad to be run on their site during the most crucial time of the election.

In the end, Randy won by a landslide, although I'm not entirely sure that I deserve much credit here, as he's really done a wonderful job for the Port of Kalama, and was the obvious choice going forward.

Advertisement Designs (Print & Online)

Online Ad for Newspaper Website

Print Ad for Newspaper

Print Ad for Newspaper