Website & Print Designs for the DeHart-Pietsch Wedding

When I found out that my best friend was getting married, I immediately offered to create their wedding website.  Her response was, “Website? What? Do we really even need that?”  Of course!  And I wasn’t about to let her use one of the god-awful DIY templates that would require her to have a URL that does more to advertise for the company than their wedding…  So, I went about setting this up for her and her fiancé.  Granted, I took the simpler route of using Squarespace for the base layout of the website, but I used custom fonts and some custom design elements for the layout and content.  Ultimately, she and her fiancé were happy with the website, and it received many compliments.

What I didn’t expect when I volunteered to do the website, was that I would also be creating all of the print designs for the wedding (and the activities leading up to it)…  These projects came up along the way, and as a friend of the bride, I wasn’t about to say no.  Plus, it presented me with a new challenge that I hadn’t really encountered before: creating high-quality custom designs for printed materials.  In the end, I created the invites and RSVP cards, signs and such for the ceremony and reception, bridal shower games, and the ever-important bachelorette party fun stuff.

Print Designs

Wedding Website