General Website Updates

Throughout my time working on the dev side of things at Woobox, I was tasked with updating content on our main website.  This included adding new pages for apps we were launching, changing feature listings to show new features (or remove defunct ones), and fine-tuning other parts of the site as needed.

App Inspiration Section

After the initial redesign of the website, we wanted to have a section on each app page that displayed some really nice past examples of promotions that our users had run.  Support was constantly being asked for examples (live and/or past) for ideas about what promotions people should be running.  So, we created a little section that displayed a hand-picked selection of promotions, showing screenshots of each page/step in the offer, as well as a little blurb to describe each.  This would automatically shift through, or the user could click on each example to view it.  The original design worked, but it wasn't particularly pretty, and I knew we could do better.  This was one of my first jobs in the "official" dev side of things, so I'm sure there are pieces that could be better, but overall I think it turned out pretty well.  You can view this section of the website on any of the app pages.

Photo Contest App Inspiration | Entry Page

Photo Contest App Inspiration | Vote Page

Photo Contest App Inspiration | Vote Page Lightbox View

Later on, we found we were getting many, many requests for live examples (from our users, as well as "sweepers" or whatever they're called), even though we had a section on each app page where we listed several live examples (this was dynamically updated).  Obviously, users weren't able to find it.  So, in my update of the past examples (inspiration) section, I added a nifty little button to jump viewers down to the live example section.  Although I was no longer working in support at that time, from what my coworkers told me, this tiny change helped infinitely. 

"Recent News" Section

When we originally had the website redesigned and coded by outside sources, the designer had come up with a concept for a "Recent News" section for the homepage of the site.  For one reason or another, the way the person who did the coding implemented this was not the same (or even close, really) to what the design mockup had shown.  Because of this, I took it upon myself to update that section to match the original design.  You can see the live version of this at, near the bottom of the page.

One major difference you'll see between the original mockup and my version of it is that instead of listing specific articles in the "menu," I changed that to simply list the categories within the blog.  The reason for this is that, at the time (according to my boss), there was no way for us to pull in the recent articles automatically to be displayed in that section.  This, of course, also means that the featured articles there have to be updated manually.  Which is also why the date/author tag isn't displayed in the final version I created, to mask the fact that the articles listed haven't been updated in quite some time...

Original design mockup of the "Recent News" section

Original coded version of the "Recent News" section (by outside person)

My new version of the "Recent News" section, to better match with the original design

New version showing the hover action on the Categories menu

New version showing the hover action on the button in the Categories menu

Contact Page

From the time that I started at Woobox, and even after we had the site redesigned, until the time I was working in dev, our Contact page was lackluster, at best.  It essentially just gave you a screen with some text telling you where to call or email, no forms, no links, etc.  

While I was managing support, however, we eventually got too big for our original support method (Gmail with tags) and had to move on up to bigger and better things ( system).  There were many benefits to this, but one of them was the fact that it gave us an easy way to add a contact form to our site.  This took a decent amount of customization on the actual side, to make the form match the site and our general branding.  In addition to the form, I added a pretty little map to display our location, and some links to other relevant channels of contact (support center, social media, sales, etc.).

Poll Posts App Launch

When we launched a new app, called Poll Posts, I was tasked with creating the app page within the main site to announce the launch and inform users about it.  Typically when we added new apps, they were quite similar to our other offerings, and allowed us to basically copy/paste from another app page and customize the features/titles as needed to suite the new app.  Poll Posts, however, were a very different story.  They really didn't fit into the realm of anything we offered at the time, which meant that I was going to have to come up with a bit of a different approach for the info page.

Additionally, for the launch of Poll Posts, I was tasked with creating an information panel for the app's section within the dashboard.  This would be displayed to users prior to creating their first Poll Post.

App & Feature Launch Banners

We had a tendency to launch new things quite often, but were really lacking in the whole "letting people know" department.  Because of this, I was asked to create a nice, but generic (or maybe "easily customizable" is a better description) announcement section to be added to our app pages on the site when we launched new features or apps.  You can see this in the Poll Posts app page shown above, and the section is actually still visible on the website (here, here, and here), albeit several aspects of the design have been altered.